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This part of our Privacy policy addresses our policies and procedures details when using and disclosing your personal information when you use the Services and We tell you about your privacy rights and how laws and regulations protect you.

We use our customers' data to facilitate and improve the Service. Therefore, by availing of the Service, you willingly agree to the giving and using of information concerning this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is made up with the assistance of a Privacy Policy Template.

This privacy policy applies to DUNELINKS PVT LTD., an Australian company, (“LINKSCIRCLE”, “Dunelinks”, “Dunelinks”).

Explanation and Definitions


The words whose initial capitalized letter carry meanings defined under the upcoming conditions. The forthcoming term's definition shall have the exact meaning. In any case, they are present in the form of singular or plural.


For the goals of this Privacy Policy:

The account relates to a unique account made for You to approach our Service or related parts of the Service.

Company (mentioned as either "We", "Us", or "Our","the Company", in this contract) refers to DUNELINKS PVT LTD..

The Cookies are not such big files put on Your computer, mobile phone or any other gadget by a website, containing the details of Your browser's history on that particular Website related to its usage.

Device means any gadget that can provide the Service, such as a cellular phone, a laptop or a computer.

Personal Required data in any information concerning any identified or identifiable person.

Service address to the Official Website

Service Provider states that any official or legal person who accesses the data in place of the Company. It clearly states a third party company or individual working person by the Company to provide the Service, to give Service in place of the Company, to run services related to the Service or to help the Company calculate how the Service is used.

Usage Information related to data collection automatically, in one way or another, by making use of the Service framework itself ( for understanding, like the period of a page visit)

Website related to Dunelinks, reachable from

You define the person accessing or availing the Service, or the Company, or other lawful entity in the place of such person accessing or helping with the Service, as usable.

Gathering and Applying Of Your Personal Record

Types of Data Collection

Personal Record

Using Our Service, We might ask You to facilitate Us with some personal identification information that we can use to contact or identify You. Personal identification information includes, but can be very :

Email address

First name and last name

Phone number

Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City

Usage Data

History of Data Usage

It means the information adds up automatically when availing of the Service.

Data Usage may include details such as browser type, browser version, Your Device's Internet Protocol address, history of our Service pages you visit, and check-in and check-out of Your visit. In addition, the period spends on those pages, new device identification and other data diagnosis.

When a person accesses the Service by or through their devices, We ensure to collect the required information automatically. Some are included. Still, they are not limited to the type of cell phone You use, Your cell phone's unique ID, the IP address of Your cell phone, Your cell phone Working operating system, the type of mobile internet browser You use, new device identification and other data diagnosis.

We also gather the data that Your browser sends when you visit our Service or when you can access the Service by or through your cell phone.

Methods of Tracking Technologies and Cookies

We will use Cookies and similar tracking technology to pinpoint the activity on Our Service and save specific information. Types of Tracking technologies are tags, beacons and scripts to gather and track down information, excel, and make critical decisions for Our Service. The technologies include are:

Browser Cookies or Cookies: It is a small file on Your Device. You can command Your browser to neglect all Cookies or to instruct when a Cookie is accepted. However, if You are not ready to allow Cookies, You are not in the condition may to use some of our services. Until you adjust Your Internet browser settings, so it will refuse cookies, our Service will use Cookies.

Flash Cookies: Some Features of our Sevice might use Flash Cookies or local storage objects to gather and put together information about Your activity on our Service, Your preferences. These Flash Cookies are not manageable by every browser's same setting, which uses for Browser Cookies. Therefore, you should have complete knowledge about dealing With Flash Cookies.

Web Beacons: These specific parts of our Service and our emails might have tiny electronic files known as Web Beacons ( to put it simply like pixel tags or clear gifs) that grant the Company, for further understanding to count users who have visited those specific parts or have open an email and for other particular websites statistics, for example, keeping a record of an increasing number of visitors on a particular section.

Cookies can be in a type of "Session" or Persistent" Cookies. Persistent Cookies remain on Your laptops or cell phones when You go offline, while Session Cookies are deleting as soon as You close Your internet web browser.

We use the Persistent and Session Cookies for aim to set out the following:

Essential Cookies / Necessary

Type: Session Cookies

Aim: The Cookies are very important to give You with the needed services through the Website and to enable You to use a few of its features. They help to authenticate the user and save from the inappropriate use of user accounts. If there are no Cookies, the services you want cannot be avail by you, and We will fail to provide you, and the usage of these Cookies by Us is to ensure You get the Service.

Notice Acceptance Cookies / Cookies Policy

Type: Persistent Cookies

Aim: These Cookies are being in the usage to identify whether a user person has accepted the use of cookies on the Website.

Functionality Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Aim: These Cookies will allow us to remember the choices you made when you were using the Website, for example, to remember your login information and language. The objective of these Cookies is to facilitate You with a good and professional type of experience and to save You from re-entering your details each time. You come to the Website.

Use of Your User's Personal Data

The Company might use Users' Data for the following objectives:

To maintain and provide the Service: These include the helicopter view on the use of our Services

To keep Your Account manageable: To provide you with good Service and to keep managing Your status as a user of Our Service. The Personal User Information You give can allow You to have Different usages of the Service handed over to You as an authentic user.

To boost the performance of the contract: The working and development consist of the undertaking of the purchase of the agreement for any products and item and Service You are willing to purchase or to make a new contract with Us by the Service of Ours.

To help Us to contact You: To contact You using emailing, sending SMS, You receive a call or any other form of getting You. Sometimes You receive a notification from an unknown number to give you updates and new offers for you.

To Give You Special News: From Time to Time, You will be informed by Us with the latest special offers and giving You information about Our new and other goods and much more

To keep You happy by managing Your requests: Keep the record saved and manage your requests.

For business transfer matters: We might use Personal information to evaluate or to conduct things in order. Keep track of all the sales, online shopping deals, and money transfers worldwide to give you the best experience.

For different purposes: We might use your personal information of Yours to keep records of your data to provide you with good stuff, to check the performance of our promotional marketing and to do critical analysis and bring change in our Services, items and products, marketing and to improve your experience

We might disclose Your personal information under the following conditions:

With Our Service Providing people:

We might disclose Your personal information by Service Providing people to monitor and do a critical analysis of the use of our Service and to reach You by contacting you.

For business transfers: We might discloser or transfer Your personal data in connection with, or during bargaining, the sale of the Company, or acquisition of assets, or the financing or a portion of Our business to another company that takes the control.

With Our Publishers: We might disclose Your data with Our personal publishers, in which case we will be needed those publishers to honour this Privacy Policy in the current process. Publishers can include Our parent company and any other subsidiaries which we are teaming with

With Our business partners: We might disclose Your Data with Our working partners to offer You specific promotions, services or products.

With Our other users: when You disclose Your personal information with other users, such information might view by all the other users and sometimes publicly distributed outside.

With Your Willing: We might share Your personal information for any other objective with Your permission.

Maintaining Your Personal User Data

The Company will keep Your Data as long as an essential purpose is informed to you in this privacy policy. We will do this by keeping your Data for necessary to comply with our lawful obligation.

The Company has the right to keep your data for internal analysis purposes. For example, the current usage data is kept for a particular time and then deleted. Sometimes, using this data is to improve security to keep the Website and your data safe or improve our Service. In addition, we legally have the right to keep your data for extended periods.

To Transfer Your Personal User Data

The Company's operating officers then diagnose the information you give, including Personal Data and other professionals use within the Company to provide good Service. In addition, we can transfer your Date to our data warehouse, which can be located outside our state, country or province.

By the time you start using Our Service, you are willing to give us the right to transfer Your information.

The Company will ensure that Your Personal Data is safe within the organization and does not fall into the hands of any other organization or country.

Giving Outside Details of Your Personal Data

For The Business Transactions

If the Company may be involved in an asset sale or a merger or acquisition, your data might transfer, and a notice will be sent to you so that you keep this in mind and become a record of the different privacy policies.

For Law enforcement purposes:

There can be specific circumstances in which the Company will have to leak out Your Personal Data if asked by law enforcement officials or to give a response to the court or a government agency.

For Other legal requirements

The Company can leak out the Personal Data of Yours with good intention for such purposes when necessary:

To obey the legal obligation

To defend and protect the rights of the Company

To prevent any wrongdoing in our connection with the Service.

To protect the personal data and safety of the user availing the Services or the local public.

To have protection against legal weaknesses.

To Ensure The Safety of Your Personal Data

We make sure that Your Personal Data is safe, and it is essential to Us. But remember that on the Internet, many cyber thieves can steal your data for this. We are not responsible. Instead, we use other techniques to protect Your Data, and we can give you 100 % when it comes to safeguarding your data. However, some professional hackers can steal your data from the Us.


While you enjoy Our Service and products and to buy them, you can follow the following payment method to ensure the money transaction with Us, and you receive the product and Service you need:

  • Pay pal.
  • Wire transfer.

CCPA Privacy

Suppose you are a Californian person or resident. In that case, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) states that it needs extra data/ information regarding your rights concerning your personal information. Therefore, you can rely on something other than the down given information and disclosures in this particular section. Furthermore, direct to California residents if there is a chance that you are not a California resident.

It clearly states that California law will allow you to make some requests about your data or information, including all the necessary data you require. Specifically, under the CCPA, you have rights to complain access to the specific personal information we kept about you, to enter that we delete your required information, and to opt-out of the "sale" of your personal information. However, Dunelinks does not “sell” your personal information as defined by the CCPA.

GDPR Privacy

These are the rights only applicable to EU Users.

It's all your choice whether we use technical information such as cookies data and Your Personal Information for the marketing goal. You can fall back on your permission at the end of this privacy policy to not let us use the information. You can stop following us by using an unsubscribe link given to you by any marketing communication received to you by Us. If you are related to EU law, which gives you the right to see the Personal Information we have kept about you or to erase your Personal Information. You can stop us from using your personal information, and if you are not related to EU law, then the above rights do not apply to you.

Children's Privacy

Our rule and regulation include that we will not give Our Service to anyone under 13. We do not allow ourselves to collect any personal information from people under the age of 13.

Contact us if your children provide us with any information and your parents or guardian are now aware of it. If we mistakenly collect the data from the 13-year-old person with the parent's concern, we will immediately stop the process and delete all the information.

If a 13-year-old person still needs Our Service, it is better first that you have your parent's permission and they allow you to have it. Only then will we start the process to be on the safe side and to follow all legal process

Links to Other Websites

Our Service may also include links for other websites not run by Us. If you desire to click on the third-party link, you will be on the Website of the third-party link. We guide you to see Our Privacy Policy for every Website to like to visit.

We hold no responsibility for the privacy policies, content, or practices of any third party's websites or services.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

There can be changes in Our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will let you know if there is any change in our privacy policy by updating the new privacy policy.

Another method to keep you informed via email

You are guide to see Our Privacy policy from time to time, and the effect will be applied when a new Privacy Policy is here on this Website. Therefore, you have to revise this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. This Privacy Policy changes are effective when updated on the website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us:

By email: [email protected]

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